Visible Lockout Device.
Created by SureLock.


SureLock is a family owned plastic injection molding manufacturing startup company targeting the Construction Safety industry.

Initially we are targeting the Lockout/Tagout device and procedure market.

We are currently under patent pending status (62/362,575) with a new and compelling twist on a federally mandated (OSHA Title 29) safety device. Additionally, a division of the company shall develop a smartphone application that enables cloud hosted, real-time tracking of Tagout activity and procedures.


The story of SureLock begins with one of the founders Lupe Ayala Jr. At one of his training annual sessions, he identified a great idea for an existing Lockout device. After having discussed this idea with his brother Edgar, they both realized that there may be a significant opportunity to turn that idea into a competitive product.

After a bit of research and an investment of time and money, they decided to pursue a patent to protect thier intellectual property. Realizing they could start their own manufacturing company, the brothers decided to bring one of their business savvy cousins, Jay Ayala, into the fold. Together, they now pursue founding a publicly traded company to manifest the original idea.

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