SureLock Enterprises, Inc. Company Story

The question was simple enough, why isn’t it see through? Lupe Ayala Jr. thought as he was sitting through one of his annual safety training classes regarding lock and tag out procedures, with mock-up display of the lock out devices. Having been in the construction industry since his teens, Lupe has always wondered why a critical device that is industry standard is not clear and see through. After one of these training sessions, Lupe decided to do some internet research to see if this device is in existence. To his surprise, not a single lock out device was transparent, and this has been the case since the 1940s.

This then prompted Lupe to contact a patent service company to help him submit an application for a patent. It was then at this time that Lupe discussed the idea with his brother, Edgardo Ayala. Lupe was looking to the patent service company to pitch the idea to established manufacturing companies who could manufacture the device resulting in revenues via royalties. Edgardo felt that this was a brilliant idea and was thinking that they could do this on their own, and started researching the manufacturing process. Lupe and Edgardo agreed that they would pursue their business the old-fashioned way, of seeking investors and applying for loans.

The brothers, who were highly skilled and experienced construction professionals, decided to contact their cousin, Jay Ayala, to be a member of the partnership. Jay would bring in years of expertise in the technology field. As a specialist and expert in 3D modeling and a successful public speaker, Jay would provide the group with the skills and knowledge that would help the partnership thrive. It was at this point that the three cousins decided to establish themselves as a business.

With the need to seek investors, Edgardo tapped one of his business contacts for advice in attracting investor and other funding ideas. He and Jay went to visit his contact to discuss their idea in detail, who, in turn, was impressed and urged the cousins to think big. It was after this meeting that the cousins were emboldened to become a publicly traded, family owned and operated manufacturing company. The primary goal that they have set up for themselves is to augment and disrupt the current industry in a simple and elegant way, by taking the existing lockout device and making it transparent. This in turn will render the current standard obsolete thus setting a new gold standard.

In the core of it SureLock is a family business with technology as a fundamental tool to meet their goals. They have leveraged technology to overcome geographical barriers, facilitate communication, research and development, design and engineering, seeking investors and investor relations. Their varied skill sets complement each other’s abilities and expertise in pushing the company forward. This enables SureLock to approach all ideas, setbacks, and successes from all possible angles. Their past experiences, all failures and successes, have provided the perfect environment to make them a guaranteed success.