Lupe Ayala Jr.

Starting his career as a laborer apprentice, Lupe Ayala, Jr. has over 20 years of construction experience, including being a field work supervisor for over 10 years. He received his Welding Certification at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington. He has firsthand knowledge of the construction process and has supervised teams of laborers and job site truck drivers. Having lead teams and managed projects lends to Lupe’s innate ability to tackle the day-to-day operation of running projects. This in turn has made his skills invaluable to furthering the vision of SureLock into a viable enterprise that produces quality products servicing multiple industries.


Edgar Ayala

Edgar is a Project manager in charge of securing multi-million-dollar contracts for BrandSafway. His duties include job cost estimations, bidding, and running three divisions at the REC Silicon facility located in Moses Lake, Washington. The primary sector of his employer is industrial scaffolding. Additionally, Edgar started a successful industrial insulation division at the REC facility. This eventually led to securing many additional external projects for the division outside of REC and nearly doubled the revenue for the entire local branch. On the heels of that, Edgar went on to start yet a third division landing a contract with industrial coatings that also proved to be successful and was credited with evolving his local branch into a Multi-services company.


Jay Ayala

Jay Ayala is a software technology evangelist. After having earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Technology from Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington, he began his career as a draftsman for a local engineering firm. Having gained invaluable experience and expertise in various roles as a draftsman and a mechanical systems designer, he became adept at creating complex 3D models of building and equipment, and understanding how things get connected in a complicated design systems. Later joining Autodesk in 2006 as a Technical Specialist, he further honed his software skills, in addition to publicly speaking in various forums. Jay has a great understanding of managing technology. With those strengths, Jay has been responsible for furthering the vision of SureLock Enterprises, Inc.